Tuesday Talks

Tuesday Talks are normally held on the first Tuesday of each month except January and August at Kirkleatham Hall Museum near Redcar. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic the talks have moved to a fortnightly schedule and are presented via Zoom meetings.

There is no entry charge to the online Zoom talks, guests  are invited to contribute towards the speakers' expenses with voluntary donations via a GoFundMe page.

Talks begin at 2.00pm and last about 45 minutes plus time for Q&A with the speaker. The Zoom 'meeting room' opens at 1.45pm

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Photo: Dennis Weller

Summer  & 

Autumn  2022

The programme is subject to change & revision

The list of talks is available to download as a PDF

TOCKETTS MILL- Stone floor small file.jpg

TUESDAY 11th January 2.00pm

Peter Morgan  - Tocketts Mill - its history & restoration

Peter Morgan was one of the leaders of the restoration of Tocketts Water Mill near Guisborough. He talks of its history and how the mill was rescued and brought back to life.

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

TUESDAY 25th January 2.00pm

Martin PeagamAcklam Hall, a new dawn

Acklam Hall is Middlesbrough’s only Grade I listed building. A place that was a family home for over two centuries, a school and college for over seventy years, and is now enjoying a new dawn as a popular hospitality venue.

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

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Photo: Gazette Live

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TUESDAY 8th February 2.00pm

Christine Corbett - William Gilleard Brown of Port Clarence

Born in 1874, Mr Brown worked for the railways most of his life and lived in  Port Clarence with his wife Mary. He dedicated his life to improving life for local people and left a collection of remarkable books; part journal and part scrapbook. The books document his life and achievements as a railway yard foreman, churchgoer, inventor, local councilor and a member of numerous boards and committees.

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

TUESDAY 22nd February 2.00pm

Steve Ragnall - The Master & the General - Cook & Wolfe in Canada

Although famed for his three circumnavigations of the world, Cook also explored the northern Pacific Ocean and the northern coastline of Canada. Steve Ragnall talks about Captain Cook's voyages with General Wolfe.

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

Captain-james-cook with General Wolfe.jpg
Skinningrove - East Cleve Image Archive.jpg

TUESDAY 8th March 2.00pm


John Roberts/Graham Banwell- Skinningrove and its industrial heritage 

As the Skinningrove Mining Museum undergoes an extensive renovation and expansion of its displays and facilities, we look at what is one of the smallest iron & steel production units in the country and the legacy of its ironstone mines.

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

TUESDAY 22nd March 2.00pm

Dennis ClaridgeMathematics - the language God used  to design the Universe

The Fibonacci numbers are a sequence in which each number is the sum of the two preceding ones. Dennis Claridge explores the link between mathematics, numbers and the natural world. For example, it is possible to find the Fibonacci sequence in the number of petals on a flower. 

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm


TUESDAY 5th April 2.00pm


Phil Burton - The Pennymans and Ormesby Hall

For nearly 400 years, Ormesby was the home of the Pennyman family who acquired the estate in the early 17th century. The present house was built for James and Dorothy Pennyman in the 1740s, but incorporates parts of the earlier house within its service wing. Phil Burton talks about the hall, the Pennymans and their impact on the area around them

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

Easter Break
Easter cross.jpg

TUESDAY 10th May 2.00pm

Martin Peagam – Ladies on Pedestals

Local historian Martin Peagam talks about the scores of women who have played a significant part in the events of the region and who are recognised and remembered with public statues.

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

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Kirkleatham Hall 1890s photo-Sutcliffe_edited-2.jpg

TUESDAY 24th May 2.00pm

Stewart Ramsdale – The Turner Family and the Kirkleatham Estate

As Conservation Officer at Redcar & Cleveland Council, Stewart Ramsdale compiled a huge archive of documents and photographs of the Kirkleatham Estate, home of the Turner and Newcomen families and their successors.

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

TUESDAY 7th June 2.00p

Steve RagnallFarther than any Man

As a Captain in the Royal Navy, James Cook travelled farther than any man as he mapped the Southern Hemisphere, the Pacific and the coastline of Canada. Maritime historian Steve Ragnall describes the final fateful voyage of Captain James Cook as he made his third crcumnavigation of the world.

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

Death - Capt James Cook. at Owhyhee 1779.jpg
Woman in Question - Tony Nicholson colourised crp.jpg

TUESDAY 21st June 2.00pm

Tony Nicholson – The Woman in Question

Mildred Langworthy (Millie), the daughter of an Irish gentleman who had fallen on hard times came to England to make her own way in the world. She fell in love with a wealthy Englishman who invited her to join him on his luxury yacht . . . Find out more about this notorious Victorian scandal!

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

TUESDAY 5th July 2.00pm

Dennis Claridge -  Around Europe with Leaks and Squeaks


Six recently graduated Oxford students buy a 1934 Alvis Crested Eagle, a 7-seat limousine, and embark on a 2,000 mile trip through Europe in the early 1960s.

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

Dennis Claridge - Alvis colourised.jpg
Dorman museum 2 crp.jpg

TUESDAY 19th July 2.00pm

Lara Moon - The Teesside Archive

As the Teesside Archve settle into its new home at the Dorman Museum, archivist Lara Moon talks about the vast collections of documents, drawings and photographs available to researchers

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

Summer Break
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Civil War 1642-1646.jpg

TUESDAY 6th September 2.00pm


The Road to an Un-civil War in the North, 1642

England's First Civil War raged from 1642 to 1646, beginning 380 years ago as Cromwell took control of the country and King Charles I was tried and beheaded.

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

TUESDAY 20th September 2.00pm

Peter Worrall -  A Brief History (of the measurement) of Time

The difference between clock time and sundial time can be 15 minutes or more, hence our years are almost but not exactly 365¼ days long, an error corrected when Britain adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752 and 12 days disappeared from the calendar in September 1752.


The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

Sundial -  2000 yr old - Indian.jpg
Suffragettes' meeting 1909.jpg

Suffragette meeting, Redcar beach, 1909

TUESDAY 4th October 2.00pm

Martin Peagam - Not Welcome on Teesside 

Mrs Pankurst - the terrorist -and t​he Women's Suffrage Movement



The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

TUESDAY 18th October 2.00pm

Christine Hutchinson - The Fowlers, Ropners & Preston Hall Park

Built in 1825 as the family home of David B. Fowler it was the centre of a large agricultural estate. It was later sold to Robert Ropner who enhanced the Hall with several Victorian extensions. After WW2 it was sold, eventually being owned by Stockton Coporation and becoming the town's prestigious museum.

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

Preston-Hall-circa-1950 colourised.jpg
War Graves.jpg

TUESDAY 1st November 2.00pm

Andrew Thornton -  The War Graves Commission

The early days of the Imperial War Graves Commission and its founder Fabian Ware. The Global Commitment of our work and the countries we operate in. How the work of the Commission continues to this day

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

TUESDAY 15th November 2.00pm

Jane Ellis -  The Walmsleys of Robin Hood's Bay, father & son, artist and writer. - From the age of two, Leo Walmsley was brought up in Robin Hood's Bay. His "Bramblewick" books written in the 1930s, immortalised the local fishing community of Robin Hood's Bay. Leo's father, James Ulric Walmsley, was a gifted artist whose paintings of North Yorkshire are much in demand.

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

Walmsley - Robins Hoods Bay 1905.jpg
Medieval battle scene - aftermath.jpg

The battle's aftermath

TUESDAY 29th November 2.00pm


Phil Philo - The Battle of Piercebridge 1642

The Battle of Piercebridge took place almost exactly 380 years ago to the day, on 1st December 1642

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

TUESDAY 13th December 2.00pm


Steve Ragnall - Capt James Cook - Christmas on Christmas Island

The first European to sight the island was Richard Rowe in 1615. Captain William Mynors of the Royal Mary, an English East India Company vessel, named the island when he sailed past it on Christmas Day, in 1643. James Cook visited ther island on Christmas Eve 1777, 245 years ago.

The meeting room opens at 1.45pm

Christmas Island 2.jpg

Christmas Island, aka Kiritimati

Leaflet - Spring 22.jpg

Tuesday Talks​

The talks will continue in the present online format via Zoom meetings until December 2022.

There will be a short break around Easter and again in August.

 Peter Sotheran MBE JP

Tuesday Talks Organiser